Statements May 19, 2020

Is there a way to see a dot?

Let’s say one is constructing a painting out of an image from a past experience, which has been documented in an actual moment of being, as example, as a drawing or a sketch.

In the process of painting one has the drawing as a source and simultaneously a clear memory about that event in the past, there will be two different types of time simultaneously. Two different pasts, one documented and one through the lens of memory. Awareness above perception and the difference between the two constitutes moment of becoming, i.e. one past is a present to the other. There is another present, the present of actual being, the moment of painting. There is always a distance (Planck’s length) between past-past, present-present, two types, interval (Planck’s time), delay, through the moment of perception and reflection over it. One present is a future to the other, and there is also an actual future. The bridge between past-past and present-present is thought, the bridge between future-future is intuition. One is one and one is two, and one is three.

In the moment of (re-)constructing the painting, the actual moment of being becomes the moment of multiple be-come(-ing).

So, is there a way to see the dot?