Lyrical City – Reflections

Tutoren: Kristin Karlsson, Nielsine Otto


  „When I close my eyes, I still can see the images of my city,

  It has been a couple of years already, since I’ve lost my eyesight.

  As time passes, some images I have in my memory get blurry,

  Sometimes I don’t even clearly recollect the places I’ve loved before.

  I use to go to the same favorite coffee shop around the corner, for a break.

  They say it has changed, somehow.

  A year before the owner has repainted the walls in different color and has replaced some of the furniture.

  I always try to sit at the same old wooden chair, I’ve known before,

  Otherwise I feel like I’m at some unknown place.

  When I reach this point, my memory flies away, mixes up with fantasy and imagination,

  Brings together all those stories I’ve heard about what has changed,

  And gives me somewhat fragmented, overlapped images of my city.

  But at this moment, a strong dazzling smell of the black beans reaches my nostrils.

  And I know, the moment I’ve looking for is one grasp to reach.

  I take a first sip, from the served cup. And I see the image clearing up.

  I can focus on every detail and even almost touch them.

  After I finish my cup of coffee, I will stay here for a while and try to repaint the walls in my mind.”

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