Episode 005

Podcast November 25, 2020

Secret letter devoted to arbitrary negotiation space open by people not necessarily involved and being in charge to express their opinion publicly in order to measure any criteria they think is absolutely necessary.

Volunteering in being in charge of someone for some reason whatsoever neglects the fact they being involved in relational interests.

Devotion to one specific opinion is continually being driven by their wish to be in charge. In charge of someone.

Their someone is their own self, all the rest is mandatory. She thinks she knows you. And is smart.

People who are usually wrong keep on talking forever, no matter what. Still thinking they’re right – no matter what.

We speak a lot and think by that to change this reality. We keep on lying to ourself, that we understand that someone and wish that someone would fall in whatever trap we create, we already fell into ourselfs.

As if you’re holding each other on the edge of the cliff and I’m standing in front of you, only one step, keep on, you fall down, it is gone, all that talks and spoken stories, made up by someone I never knew.

You’ll know no mercy.