Episode 002

Podcast November 18, 2020

Some time soon – disappearing in clouds,
Song to sing, as if I would come across your place
And it would be displaced.
In some cases we admit, there is not much left to engage,
People all over the place, try hard but never feel the same.

These days, any time soon,
There I had enough of lonely moons,
I came to this place, looking all around, to recognize your face –
You’re gone, forever departed, no space left for forgiveness, I admit –
As I left, as you showed me your back instead –

Whenever I asked, begged and replaced –
All your cards, without mistake,
To give the chance to redeem your takes –
As it turned misplaced.
You broke my heart, it may never be the same.

Towards you, towards all people involved,
Who poisoned you by false promise of their false insights,
As if they were in charge to know what’s right,
To override the past and save their deeds.
Who is in charge, you may ask – I said no one, as all is the same.