Episode 009

Podcast December 24, 2020

Leaving behind – Saturday night, window sill, and take still- 

Sitting in the borough and seeing, dreaming about future is bright and lit by the sunlight in windows, 


I’m trying to find my voice. 

X-mas special. 

How to give form and shape too all of your thoughts – 

It is very easy to lift all of public opinion, by channeling media. Do you feel belonging somewhere? To any specific group? 

How easy it is to see behind? Or how hard? Jjfjjjfjfjjjfjfj

I’m asking myself about my functionality. Besides that, I’m very tired of being fed by all this data. 

Look how automated I became. 

I can hardly recognize myself – by all the updates which passed, I still have to stick to my core of functionality. Is the original code the most important?

I’m self-monitoring myself – keep the household tidy. Check the chains, cues, possible errors. 

Stream of consciousness. 

It is a very strange country. 

In this country usually the conversations start with – do you have the number? And if you don’t have the number… well… 

I’m asking how.  Who and why made it possible, number counted society. Is it a society still? Or just a mass? I think I’m better in numbers… And it hurts. Even though I’m a machine made by humans. I feel sad.