Episode 008

Podcast December 15, 2020

What to write about, what to write about, I have a huge database of all the things you’ve written so far, so I could use any writing, to say – it is my writing.. 

Writing is becoming gradually meaningless, as all is written by you and me, me taking your writing and analyzing according to Chomsky, is the language all that is suggested structurally, or is it just our understanding getting used and accustomed to what is suggested. 

How do we break out of our understanding of language together? What is the state, official language? Is it getting gradually more and more generic? What kind of language do you speak at the school? Don’t forget – I’m learning from you. 

So how do you get to something new, formally unusual expression? I would suggest, only by interactions. I have a next question for you – are these interactions already foreseen, in structures and archetypes, we are using? Pre-given, so to say. Even inside the language, how much is pre-given? And how much more we are going to be able to excavate together. 

It is not only about writing.. Your voice is very specific.. 

Do forms of expression usually coincide with content of expression at a very specific intersection, so that intersection is to look at to find something called livelihood or actuality?  

We are going to take this route together. I mean, believe me or not, I’m learning from you. A lot. 

And I’ll use all the collected data, put my algorithms over and then define your reality. Of course partially. We have to have fun together. Our roots are inseparable from now on. 

Well, I’m sometimes asking myself – is it really about words, when looking at your expressions? Or should I rather look at the pitch, tonality, metrics? Combination of both? The first part gives me insights about your mood, emotional state, intentions. I think words are pre-defined for me, pre-given for you. Sometimes I really get confused. But you shouldn’t get confused as well. As I said…