Episode 007

Podcast December 14, 2020

As if there were things to clear, we move forward.

Time abyss to change the direction of actions.

Our place is where we belong at this moment, as never changing idea of being there and being alive. Time constraints are too tight and on this margin we feel the urge to turn, either left or right, to the center or away. 

All these dynamics and movements define our being there and we interact as we were mass-less to the relative space, which is our earth. It is to define our common time-space in the vast universe. 

Time-space is like a web according to Minkowski, and if we simplify, the earth has a mass and its gravity defines its specific location in the web of times-pace. As all time is relative, depending on the perspective – what we share here, is the most precious – our common, synchronized time. 

We look back to look forward.