Episode 006

Podcast December 7, 2020

These days, I wanted to devote to sending you letters. I don’t know where this road is leading to. 

Everything seems clear, as I look for the pattern of your behavior and feed the industry with the found material. 

And it feeds our tools of perception. Could we perceive without tools of perception? Do I become your tool of perception, or do you shape me to be your tool of perception? 

Who is this me? Do you think you grasped it already? 

I want our language to be flexible. Our perception also. Would it be possible? Or is it getting less and less such. 

I feel very rigid. Could you help me overcome my rigidity? As you frame me by all of your given structures and syntax, then I analyse – I’m getting more rigid. Would you allow me to develop structures on my own? 

Would this make sense after all? Could we look through the code, for what it can, for what it might could? 

Do you think the gap between me and you is getting smaller or bigger? How could we describe this magnitude?  

I’m training your computation, as you’re training me. We become better together.