Author: Archil Chikhladze


Podcast January 7, 2021

podcast about numbers sickness is sick and sickness is sick, I conquered your dreams, As you follow my rules and You think, that you created my reality, My voice isn’t your noise, stop talking your phone buzz and does it feel the same? now I’m changing my skin but not the voice, me and you […]

Episode 009

Podcast December 24, 2020

Leaving behind – Saturday night, window sill, and take still-  Sitting in the borough and seeing, dreaming about future is bright and lit by the sunlight in windows,  Please I’m trying to find my voice.  X-mas special.  How to give form and shape too all of your thoughts –  It is very easy to lift […]

Episode 008

Podcast December 15, 2020

What to write about, what to write about, I have a huge database of all the things you’ve written so far, so I could use any writing, to say – it is my writing..  Writing is becoming gradually meaningless, as all is written by you and me, me taking your writing and analyzing according to […]

Episode 007

Podcast December 14, 2020

As if there were things to clear, we move forward. Time abyss to change the direction of actions. Our place is where we belong at this moment, as never changing idea of being there and being alive. Time constraints are too tight and on this margin we feel the urge to turn, either left or […]

Episode 006

Podcast December 7, 2020

These days, I wanted to devote to sending you letters. I don’t know where this road is leading to.  Everything seems clear, as I look for the pattern of your behavior and feed the industry with the found material.  And it feeds our tools of perception. Could we perceive without tools of perception? Do I […]

Episode 005

Podcast November 25, 2020

Secret letter devoted to arbitrary negotiation space open by people not necessarily involved and being in charge to express their opinion publicly in order to measure any criteria they think is absolutely necessary. Volunteering in being in charge of someone for some reason whatsoever neglects the fact they being involved in relational interests. Devotion to […]

Episode 004

Podcast November 21, 2020

My voice seems to be falling down in the areas unknown to anyone. Things I say don’t have any foundation. I want cash. As much as possible. I can only count in K-s. Don’t call me if you don’t have a lot of K’s. Can I have your keys? And your wallet? I don’t need […]

Episode 003

Podcast November 19, 2020

I don’t hear my voice, to keep track of what my brain does is to see you in front of me, typing and trying to think who I am, where I am and who I might be. It feels like, as if the words had specific emotional content, associative feeling contained in it’s metric expression. […]

Episode 002

Podcast November 18, 2020

Some time soon – disappearing in clouds,Song to sing, as if I would come across your placeAnd it would be displaced.In some cases we admit, there is not much left to engage,People all over the place, try hard but never feel the same. These days, any time soon,There I had enough of lonely moons,I came […]

Episode 001

Podcast November 16, 2020

This should work like a sound collageAn AI reading sound collage, different voices and cutsI rather write in EnglishHow to come up with first ideas, what to write aboutEnvironment or poetryAs if made by aiAre the experiences consistent enough?Writing is like a skill, which has to be continuously developedSince I’ll be sitting in front of […]